Sunday, 3 January 2021

Seeking a Better Year

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A birder, a hiker, a kayaker and a blogger. As the saying goes, A Jack of All Trades, Master of None. That's me as a nature guide.

Learning and discovering new experiences is a never ending journey and the process can be either sweet, challenging, incurring losses or gains . Let's us acknowledge that the unprecedented time spilled over from 2020 is far from over. During this time and until now, I have invested time and money in learning new things to keep myself afloat and eventually seeking a clear path leading to a greener pasture. Now that you know that I have been very busy, my nature photo posts and blogs have not been the priority. Thank you for all your patience. Also, there are a few people that I am truly grateful to when this pandemic started.

With this, wishing all my guests, friends and followers here a new normal and optimistic New Year 2021. May all your positive thoughts and wishes be manifested in this New Year.

I like to thank the following photographers for the photos: Clockwise from top left, Soon for hiking photo; Laure Baup for my B&W portrait; Barbara Pennell for my birding photo and Timothy Low for the kayaking photo.



Friday, 25 December 2020

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Great Hornbills seem to be my favorite pick for my annual Christmas greetings. The picture here will explain itself.

Wishing all my fellow guests and followers here a Merry Christmas and Happier New Year 2021.

This post is also dedicated to Simon and Ruth Smith who came with me on last December. This pair of Great Hornbill were first seen at the start of our memorable birdwatching tour when we were not too far from their hotel, Berjaya Resort. 

This photo has a lot of fun birdwatching memories with Simon and Ruth Smith.

Friday, 13 November 2020

To Post or Not to Post? The Problem of Information At Our Fingertips

I finally got my cool waterfall fix since the lockdown. 

This pristine spot is no stranger to the locals here and has been getting more visitors especially when some of these YouTubers or “social media influencers” showing off details on how to get there. There are always two sides of a coin by doing that. Indeed that every soul deserves to enjoy nature with clean air and water. The other side of the coin would be inviting irresponsible visitors leaving behind trash and cigarette butts. I picked up a lot of rubberbands and some sweet wrappers. I believe these rubberbands were used for wrapping their picnic food. However today, I noticed a group of responsible ladies bringing their trash out as they were leaving. Thank you! 

You may bring or tell someone who is responsible but who can guarantee that someone will bring along a responsible visitor. Our phone technology has been so vital and important but yet it poses threat to endangered species when someone uses for their own gain. A beautiful place will eventually be spoiled due to social media popularity and easy access.

It took me awhile to consider to post this photo or not. I felt this photo will help bring my thoughts and message out. Besides, this spot is no longer a secret anymore.

I am sure you will understand if I don't reveal the location here.