Sunday 14 June 2020

Tourists Boats Operating Soon

Wishing everyone here well and healthy.

This post here brings joy especially to all of our boatmen. I was verbally informed by a boat operator from Kilim Jetty that all boating for visitors are expected to operate from 15th June 2020 onwards. Best is still check before booking.

My private excursion prices varies depending on the private group size, duration and logistics. Therefore, it is best to contact me directly so I can customize. Direct bookings with me will have a 20% discount.

Bat cave may not be opened yet (we are not sure) on the 15th June. Some floating restaurants are not open yet on the 15th June as the owners need to do preparations and cleaning.

My message to all visitors :
The much needed rest given to Nature is still considered as too short. It is tough to balance between economy and leaving minimum impact to the natural sites that we visit but each of us can make better changes. For almost three months, there is a break from wildlife feeding in the touristy areas. There will be some wildlife have left the feeding area to feed on their own. Please keep it that way. Take this break of feeding to end all wildlife feeding such as eagle and monkey feeding completely (my wishful thinking). If the animals don't show up, you will still have a beautiful landscape and tranquility to show on your social media. A simple step to start is by telling your boatman and operator that you don't want any feeding tour.

If it is not the time now to become responsible travellers, when will you become one?

Langkawi Nature Tour