Tuesday 31 December 2019


Amazing breaching of our Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolpin Sousa chinensis while on a boat with my lucky guest, Willi Van Boven

Another year came and went very quickly. While we are looking forward for a better year, let's not forget about the huge numbers of wildlife died when their natural habitats were destroyed by fires. 

Langkawi is still blessed with her natural habitats of lowland rainforest, mangroves and some corals that our wildlife continues to thrive. We must be very careful not to exploit these wonderful natural wonders in the name of tourism and development. 

I urge all visitors to practice responsible tourism. It has to start from you and not relying on the tour operators to make it happen.
Responsible tourism is tourism which: minimizes negative social, economic and environmental impacts. generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities." definition by sustainabletourism.net

There are so many imaginable ways towards responsible tourism, such as 
DO NOT DEMAND for specific wildlife to feast your eyes
Watch any wildlife in their natural environment and DO NOT FEED them (Langkawi is not having any food shortage for the wildlife that we need to feed them)
Reduce waste
Support hotels that provide free water from their water dispensing machines
 Hire local guides as all foreign tour guides here are unlicensed
To those foreigners going around Langkawi with your hired motorbike, Put your damn shirt on while driving around as no one is bothered to count the number of hairs on your chest. This also include putting your damn shirt on while dining in a local stall. Have some respect and be culturally sensitive.
and many more...

Langkawi Nature Guide like to extend the abundance of positive energy, health and wisdom for this coming year 2020.