Wendy Nature Guide Langkawi In A Nutshell

Back in her early youthful days, Wendy fell in love with the outdoors after participanting a 25-day course at the Outward Bound School in Lumut, Malaysia. Her interest continues from there and her weekends are mostly filled up with activities like jungle trekking, hiking expeditions, camping and heading out to the waterfalls.Those were the days when she was working with a bank having extra annual leave to spare. Wendy began to seek for a different sort of adventure when she felt there is more to life than being in the office for hours staring at computers.

A giant leap away from the corporate world was a milestone for Wendy to venture into the world of outdoor education and appreciating the creation of Mother Nature. On her career break, Wendy took a six-month holiday travelling in the North and South Islands of New Zealand where she went tramping on the hills, watching wildlife, doing seasonal jobs and working on a farm.
Photo credit: Sophie Wellstood
Eventually, that career break had led her to this idyllic island of Langkawi. An irresistible opportunity knocked onto Wendy’s door as she embarked on her brand new discoveries in the field of outdoor education where she was an outdoor trainer facilitating the youth on courses related to personal development, nature and environment. From there, Wendy pursued fully into nature guiding career with the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi  before moving on to an independent freelance nature guide. 

Mrs Lim Bing Yee was responsible in introducing the feathered friends into Wendy's world and Mrs Lim has triggered her keenness to observe nature as well as learning more about natural history 
Born and bred in the capital city of Malaysia , Wendy is now a qualified, licensed and independent nature guide in Langkawi. She opens the eyes of her listeners by guiding them into the details of the natural wonders. Her speciality lies in birdwatching, nature interpretive tours whether it is kayaking, on the forest trails or on a relaxing boat cruise.

She believes that discovering nature and understanding the complexity in the web of life that interconnects all living creatures are essential to realizing the need in preserving the natural heritage.

As a qualified, licensed and independent nature guide in Langkawi, Wendy is able to plan and customise your nature tours according to your pace and what is best for that time of the year. Please feel free to email Wendy loads of questions on her private nature guiding services and the birds or wildlife of Langkawi. She will be looking forward to hear from you.


  1. We had a great time with Wendy as our guide. She was our guide in Langkawi from Sep 19 to 23, 2016. We (Rishad and Mark) were on a birding trip in Langkawi and Wendy showed us lots of birds, plus other attractions and great eating places as well. Thanks Wendy, bek

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  3. I enjoyed 2 half days in Langkawi with Wendy and did some fully customized, instructive & fun tours. We did a morning birdwatching tour, where we saw a long list of birds such as Chestnut-Headed & Blue-Tailed Bee-eater, Collared & Brown-Winged & Common Kingfisher and White-Bellied Sea-Eagle to name just a very view. Wendy was super patient and explained everything, as I am a birdwatcher amateur with not much knowledge. We combined the birdwatching tour with a jungle trek and spotted a beautiful scorpion and Great Hornbills + I learned a lot about the rainforest eco system. Our tour ended with a stop in a village to eat the local buffalo milk ice cream (very yummy, also their cheeses are top). As I really enjoyed this trip, where I also gathered many insides into Langkawi’s history & culture, I decided to book another tour with Wendy right away. Hence, a few days later we headed off to the mangroves. This eco system was completely new to me and I learned tons. We saw mudskippers, crabs, bats, eagles, kingfishers and monkeys. And same as for the first tour, we did many photo stops. That's a very good thing, as Wendy senses when you want to take a pic but did not yet dare to ask for a stop. As this tour was a private one, and we did it in the afternoon and were the only visitors in the famous bat cave. No crowds - what a pleasure! Another highlight was yet to come. Wendy drove us to a place, where Great Hornbills gathered to stay for the night. We saw like 30-something or even more Great Hornbills in one place. WOW – spectacular! After sunset, we did a short (short, because I was hungry) drive to spot nocturnal animals. We saw: Palm Civet Cat, Blue-Winged Pitta, Brown Boobook and the lovely Slow Loris. What a wonderful day! I highly recommend booking a customized tour with Wendy. You will learn, see and enjoy so much more than with a crowded standard tour. Communication is fast and easy, and Wendy is also very fun! :o) I will for sure come back to that beautiful island and do some more wildlife & nature trips with her!


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