Sunday 3 May 2015

A Kayaking and Birdwatching On Aishah's Birthday

I was excited to hear Aishah's idea of having to do some kayaking with me on her birthday. Aishah, a friend of mine from the Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur (RIKL) wanted to do something out of KL city and made a trip to Langkawi with most of her sisters and another RIKL friend of ours, Michelle. Aishah's cool idea of a birthday celebration is to do outdoor stuffs. And so these city gals decided to take on Aishah's challenge.

I have known them for many years and it is always delightful to see them again on Langkawi doing nature stuffs. This kayak excursion would be the second time for Aishah and Michelle.

This time around, their kayaking starts from Tanjung Rhu and into the mangroves. Their photos below will show how much joy they had in the mangroves on the kayaks.

Aimi all gung ho to paddle on the kayak with me
One of the twins clicking away
...and I was clicking away too
Journey into the salt water forest
Giving some mangroves facts
Reversed "Limbo rock" 
Not easy to tip over with these kayaks
Somehow...these gals managed
The city gals having fun in the rain. I wonder if the rain in Langkawi is tastier than in KL city. I would think so
At the end of the kayaking journey, they admitted that they actually exhausted. I am glad their faces did not show that they were tired. Must be the mangroves greenery and fresh air that kept their smiles on their faces.

After a great workout on the kayaks, I offered them a relaxing excursion the next morning to watch hornbills on the hill. The challenge for them is to wake up early.

And they did!
The gals were excited to see the Great Hornbill through my scope
The Raleighians from left: Michelle, Aisalli, Jun and Aishah
They were rewarded with nasi lemak bungkus for waking early to watch the hornbills
I had a fun weekend with all of you. Thank you so much for spending time together. The next adventure in Langkawi awaits you. Or maybe I should join them elsewhere... hmmm...Borneo!

Please contact Wendy for private Langkawi kayaking tour and birdwatching tour.