Monday 6 July 2015

Langkawi Bird Watching Tour Review from John and Mary Clark

About a week later after the birdwatching tour for John and Mary Clark, I received an email from them with their kind comments. Since I do not have my own Tripadvisor column, they wrote their comments via email and allowed it to be posted on my website.

I sincerely thank them for their kind encouraging words and feedback. I had an incredible time birdwatching with both of you.

As written by John and Mark Clark via email:

"My wife and I booked a week in Langkawi to chill out between birding trips. We knew there are some good places for birding on the island, however, and so asked a KL-based birding contact for advice on a possible guide for one day of birding. He put us in touch with Wendy Chin and we are so pleased that he did. 

We prepared a wish-list of birds we hoped to see in advance, and Wendy was candid in telling us which of these were no-hopers (either because they are not on the island or because they are out of season). Wendy carefully planned the day to maximize our chance of seeing the remainder and we did extremely well, getting 6 lifers during the day.

We started in a couple of mangrove areas where we got excellent views of the day’s top target - the Mangrove Pitta, and also saw the Mangrove Whistler and the Brown-winged Kingfisher. We then moved to forest birding and found in various sites 2 pairs of Blue-winged Pittas, a vivid Banded Kingfisher, and a Laced Woodpecker. These were the lifers, but during the day we also got good looks at some other special birds, including Wreathed, Great and Oriental Pied Hornbills, Striped Tit-babbler, Abbott’s Babbler, Black-Naped Monarch and Asian Fairy-Bluebird.

We were extremely satisfied with the day, not only because it had been well-planned to maximize our chance of seeing our key targets, but also because we really enjoyed Wendy’s company and respected her dedication to conservation as well as finding her to be an excellent guide."

John Clark and Mary Ward-Jackson, Raglan, UK
High-5 from John and Mary