Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Langkawi Birdwatching Tour: Hornbills Galore

When asked for their target birds, they told me that they have seen a Orange-Breasted Green pigeon Treron bicinctus on their own and they were happy to see any birds that come by. 

When one does not have an expected list of target birds... Hornbills galore! 

This Swedish couple had a fascinating morning in viewing a strangling fig tree with matured figs next to the road of Gunung Raya. All three species of hornbills were present on this nice tree. There were the Great Hornbills Buceros bicornis (about ten of them spread out), the Wreathed Hornbills Rhyticeros undulatus (a pair and a juvenile, but were chased out by the Great Hornbills after awhile) and a Oriental Pied Hornbill Anthracoceros albirostris who stayed for couple of minutes.

An overview of this strangling fig tree. Can you see the figs surrounding this female Wreathed Hornbill?
A male Wreathed Hornbill tossing a fig
Can you spot another hornbill in the background?
A female Great Hornbill (left) and a male Great Hornbill (right) staring at each other.
The female descended to the male and they did this...hmmm
This pair looked contented now
I never get bored in looking at them.

This particular strangling fig tree is still available for these amazing Hornbills to feed on for the next few days. Hurry while stock lasts!

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