Thursday, 23 June 2016

Nature Guides' Day Out

Some of the things we do as nature guides when there are no tours on that day or even for that week would be us being "tourists". Our plan for that morning was to tour around the cable car or Skycab to check out any new developments. We rarely go there. Somehow, we ended up on a forest trail instead of doing the touristy cable car thingy.

We explored the rainforest.

Our first delight on the trail was a Blue-Winged Pitta! It called and it was close. As usual how a pitta is like, it spied on us from behind the bush. We caught a glimpse of it when it flew out and then it dashed further into the forest. Typical pitta. 

Draco blanfordii

Draco blanfordii with dewlap

A strange colourful caterpillar which is my first time seeing it.
Colourful caterpillar

Resins from a timber tree
Not long after...
A "tourist" caught in the act!
And another "tourist"!
A creature moved and spotted on the ground.
Can you spot this creature?
Microhylas genus

Butterfly - Cupha erymanthis

The weather with grey cloudy sky was very kind to us except for the merciless mosquitoes. The entire area was quiet and we were the only tourists on the forest trail. We simply love this place during the Ramadan. At the same time, we were happy with our decision to ditch the Skycab plan after receiving an awkward treatment. We felt the warm welcome from Mother Nature and our time spent in the forest was worthwhile in the end.
Mandy, another nature kaki!


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