Sunday 22 August 2021

Time For the Outdoors After 3 Long Months!

This is good news to all my outdoor friends and especially for me to start with. 

From 20th August 2021 onwards, the PM has announced that non contact sports and recreational activities are now allowed  in Phase 1 states. These activities are birdwatching, hiking, cycling, walk or picnic at the park and camping. Provided these conditions are met:
1. Entering recreational parks are for fully vaccinated individuals. You may need to flash digital vaccination cert via your MySejahtera app. The opening of the park is subject to the State's decision.

2. Strict SOP must be followed when entering the park eg. wearing face mask and social distancing.

3. Non-group activities only. The activities apply to individuals or own family.

Since Langkawi is under the state of Kedah which is still in Phase 1 stage of our National Recovery Plan (NCR). You may click on this link here to obtain the updated status of our NCR.

Tourism activities are currently allowed for Phase 2 states, therefore, Langkawi will have to wait for the actual reopening date or probably in early September 2021. The government is looking at turning Langkawi into a pilot project for tourism bubble before reopening the country. Refer here for details

Travelling and holidaying in Langkawi is only applicable to those who are fully vaccinated. This is the current passport for those who wish to travel.  

Here are the privileges for those who are fully vaccinated: 

1. Dine-ins
2. No more 10km travel restrictions

Here is my bike on 22nd May 2021 and will need some warming up before heading for longer distance (I meant the owner needs warming up).

Cycling thru Langkawi paddyfield

It has been 3 months of full lockdown, the longest and very enduring. My fitness is currently  away and need to call it back, turning fat into fit again. I had been cycling around my residential neighborhood like those old uncles during the full lockdown and birdwatching at my front gate where my cherry tree is. I have been good, adhering to the full lockdown SOP.

With the ease of restriction, it is indeed we have some freedom back yet we must be vigilant as the daily cases in Malaysia is still high. Follow all SOP strictly and avoid crowded places.

Daily cases for Langkawi on 22nd August 2021:

Langkawi Covid 22 aug 2021 75
New Covid cases for Langkawi on 22 August 2021

Current cases for Malaysia on 22 August 2021


1. National Recovery Plan

2. Langkawi to be pilot project for tourism bubble

3. Resort islands may reopen in early September 2021

4. Ease of restrictions for Phase 1

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