Saturday, 26 December 2015

Brief Appearance in

This kayaking tour was back in August 2012. I didn't have my own website back then until now. I remember a very brief review by Stuart McDonald from Travelfish and I like to add on to my list of reviews. 

Stuart was recommended by a food and travel writer, Robyn Eckhardt.  With a short notice, I managed to book a boat and a kayak for us on the following day and off we paddled into the tributaries of Tanjung Rhu mangroves.  

This is the link to Stuart's write-up on his short stay in Langkawi: Langkawi Photo Essay

You may need to scroll down a fair bit to get to my name. To make it slightly easier, here is the screen shot:
A screen shot from
I was using this particular email address mentioned in Stuart's writeup back in 2012. It is changed to this email address:

My appreciation goes to Robyn Eckhardt and Stuart McDonald of Thank you for your immense support. 

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