Friday, 22 July 2016

Langkawi Bird Watching Tour: What A Quail!

MY LANGKAWI YESTERDAY: One of my guests said that miracles do happen. "Well err...maybe this one?", I told them.

A female Barred Buttonquail Turnix suscitator was spotted wandering back and forth. She was observed sitting on a patch of sand or dried grass and as if she was sand bathing. She was far, very skittish, small and plump. On top of that, my camera lens is only 400mm and without image stabiliser equates to just a blur and record shot. This species of quail is supposedly common in South East Asia but it is definitely very rare resident bird in Langkawi. I was so so lucky to see her!!


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    1. Hi Mary Walker, my sincere apology on this late reply as the notification of your comments went into Social box of my (which was not like this previously).
      Thank you very much for taking time to read my postings. Please follow me on my facebook page as "Langkawi Nature Guide".


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