Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Langkawi Birdwatching with Kit Boey and Herman

From our neighbouring country, Kit Boey and her husband, Herman did two sessions of birdwatching tours with me back in the late May 2018. It was a pleasant surprise to know that Kit Boey also enjoys writing trip report or blogs about her field trips. Her wonderfully written report on those two sessions brings back exciting memories of the Great Hornbills roosting, how we were chased out of the mountain by the torrential rain, being eaten alive by those vicious mosquitoes while tracking the Blue-Winged Pitta and finding that elusive Mangrove Pitta for them while we were sheltering in the car from the rain.

Kit Boey has given me the green light to share her trip report and as well as her Blue-Winged Pitta image. My Blue-Winged Pitta shots were terrible!

Click below for Kit Boey's stories on her Langkawi trip with her superb bird photos:

Kit Boey's video on the dramatic display of our Great Hornbills
Kit Boey and Herman still smiling in the humidity of this scrub with the vicious mosquitoes
A curious Blue-Winged Pitta  Photo credit: Kit Boey
Towards the end of the second session, their Ms Brown-Winged Kingfisher remained out of sight. I felt the tours were incomplete without our Ms Brown-Winged. Nevertheless, Kit Boey and Herman kindly presented me their Asean Waterbirds Field Guide before we bid goodbye. Thank you so much for this little gift. Let's hope that Ms Brown-Winged will magically appear on your next return.  

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