Sunday 3 January 2021

Seeking a Better Year

A birder, a hiker, a kayaker and a blogger. As the saying goes, A Jack of All Trades, A Diversed Generalist. That's me as a nature guide.

Learning and discovering new experiences is a never ending journey and the process can be either sweet, challenging, incurring losses or gains . Let's us acknowledge that the unprecedented time spilled over from 2020 is far from over. During this time and until now, I have invested time and money in learning new things to keep myself afloat and eventually seeking a clear path leading to a greener pasture. Now that you know that I have been very busy, my nature photo posts and blogs have not been the priority. Thank you for all your patience. Also, there are a few people that I am truly grateful to when this pandemic started.

With this, wishing all my guests, friends and followers here a new normal and optimistic New Year 2021. May all your positive thoughts and wishes be manifested in this New Year.

I like to thank the following photographers for the photos: Clockwise from top left, Soon for hiking photo; Laure Baup for my B&W portrait; Barbara Pennell for my birding photo and Timothy Low for the kayaking photo.



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