Friday, 18 March 2016

Bird Books

It took us close to two months for this package to arrive and it was worthwhile waiting for them. I was looking for some information in the internet on Great Hornbills and I saw these used books were on sale. Fortunately, Gary Ruben had an account with them and managed to assist me in ordering them online.

We thought they were lost somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and I was thinking of putting a new order from another supplier. Two days ago Gary sent me the good news on the package arrived in a good and dry condition. 

Eleven volume of Birds of the World / editorial adviser, Jason A. Mobley. There are stickers indicated they were discarded from the Children's Room of a library from the United States. They arrived in good condition though there have very little  creases on the cover of some of the volumes. Apart from that, they look new. Even though they were categorised as children's books, I find the contents have relevant information to aid my work, simple explanation,  easy to understand, entertaining with fun facts and superb images. 

The eleven volumes are now sitting with the some of my other books of my "mini library". There are two other bird books on this photo sitting next to each one. They are:

1. A Field Guide To The Waterbirds of Asia by Wildbird Society of Japan (A used book and in a very new condition) and 

2. Shorebirds of the Northern Hemisphere by Richard Chandler
I like to take this opportunity to thank Tom Reynolds for helping me to obtain these books on waders from the UK via online. I still have lots to practise on waders!

All the hassles with the bank ended up well. Thank you for your time and effort, Gary!

Special thanks to :
1. Mrs Lim Bing Yee for the black book sitting on the shelf , "Helm Dictionary of Scientific Bird Names" by James Jobling and many other bird books.

2. Azmi Mohamed from Singapore for the red book sitting on the shelf, "Field Guide to Birds of South-East Asia" by Craig Robson.

3. Gary Ruben for the Birds of Prey book.

Note: These two books mentioned were given to me as a gift years ago and I wish to thank them again on my post here.

More bird books added on to my collection of natural history books ... Yay!!

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