Friday 25 March 2016

A Photographer's Bad Hair Day

Walking along the quiet road at the edge of the rainforest, this little elusive bird dashed out of the scrubby bit and found itself on the ground. I knew this was the one I have been waiting to photograph for a long time. And very quickly, I shot click click. Three shots. Wait a minute. That clicking of the shutter didn't sound quite right. I looked at my camera's setting. Under Manual mode, the exposure time at 1/500, f5.6 and ISO 400. I pressed the review button immediately and after a quick glance at one of the image, I pushed the ISO number higher. Aimed my camera at that same spot and it was gone. AAAAAARRRrrrrrrrGgggHHhhhhhhhhhh!!!

This was my shot!! 
This is when life presents someone an opportunity and that someone screwed it up! Luckily, there is such a thing as "Second Chance". 

I was not pleased with myself at that moment and was so tempted to delete all those careless shots immediately. Wait a minute. Let's bring them on the computer and maybe there's hope. Using a photo editor to do some adjustments on the exposure, contrast and removing some noise, this is the final result of the image.
Female of an Emerald Dove
Emerald dove Chalcophaps indica is also known as Common Emerald Dove in some places. However, the Emerald doves in Langkawi are not common at all. They are very shy but they tend to come out of the scrub or secondary forest and wonder along the side of the road in quiet places. If you see it, you are in luck!

When things are screwed up for the first time, sometimes we are given a second chance. For this case, thanks to the technology of digital imaging and software!

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