Saturday 2 April 2016


LANGKAWI TODAY: Jerdon's Baza Aviceda jerdoni revisitation and I was so lucky to encounter this spectacular migrant raptor. Jerdon's Baza is not commonly seen. This individual here was spotted soaring above the rainforest of Gunung Raya, Langkawi. It descended quickly and disappeared when two Crested Serpent Eagles Spilornis cheela were presence. Crested Serpent Eagles are resident to Langkawi.

I have recorded sightings of Jerdon's Baza in 2014 and early 2015. It is also nice to see it again. However, I am not sure if it is the same individual.

This is my opportunity to give a big shout out to our raptor sifus, Lim Aun Tiah and Lim Kim Chye for their help in confirming raptors identification. There are still a lot to learn from these two sifus.

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