Saturday 26 August 2017

Super Reward for True Nature-Lovers

We were drenched from the big rain at Kilim yesterday afternoon on our Langkawi mangrove boat tour. As the rain starting to subside, this family from Hong Kong decided to give it a go on the coastline and guess who showed up after the big heavy rain?

Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphins Sousa chinensis , about a dozen of them!
Some selected images taken from the boat yesterday:

Even if you do not like to smile, this individual will definitely make you smile :)
This individual displaying its dorsal fin
One breaching! Thank you Jol Ern from Marecet for this terminology I have learned. But I failed to take a solid photo...
Just a BIG Splash!
We followed this pod for about fifteen minutes before they diverted into the bay of Gua Dedap. During that fifteen minutes, we had to wave to slow down the oncoming boats going at high speed travelling on the same path as this pod. 

This family enjoyed our tropical rain and they strictly adhere to no wildlife feeding during the tour. Being true-nature lovers, they were rewarded with this awesome encounter by our Langkawi's magical creatures that they will cherish. 

Moments like these brighten your dark days.

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