Thursday 7 September 2017

Birds of Langkawi: Pitta Breakfast!

This is usually unusual for most people but it has become a usual habit for me to enjoy my breakfast in my car while on my way to a birdwatching site. It was a random stop by the side of the coastal road as I was hungry. And so I had my packed breakfast in my car parked beside the road.

As I was about to leave, I saw a flash of blue on my side mirror. A nice unexpected "dessert" came in. It was hopping about beside the road. Immediately, I knew what it was :D

Blue-Winged Pitta
A Blue-Winged Pitta Pitta moluccensis

Without any delay, I came out as quietly and quickly as I can to grab my camera packed in my car boot. Thankfully, this one here didn't fly away. In fact, it was hopping back and forth on the grass and into the scrub. It was definitely looking for food. 

Going back and forth in the drain too
Into the drain
After observing it hopping in and out of the bush for quite awhile, I became curious and so I stalked it. And who came out next?

I only had less than 20 seconds to click these two together
A juvenile with an adult Blue-Winged Pitta! I would like to conclude that this adult may be a female. This is indeed a nice record of our Blue-Winged Pitta breeding here. I only saw one juvenile and the number of fledgings produced by this individual is unknown.

This juvenile was left alone for awhile and so I stood by to watch until it disappeared into the thicket ferns.
So happy to capture this moment. Made my morning! Woo-hoo!
I finally got some decent shots of Blue-Winged Pitta and not only the bum shots.
Blue-Winged Pitta is our winter visitor to Peninsular Malaysia and records have shown that they also breed in this region as well as Singapore. Click here to read Blue-Winged Pitta Nesting in Singapore

During the off-migratory season, I have picked up calls of this Blue-Winged Pitta. Could this species of Pitta has become resident here on Langkawi? 

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